Managing emotions

Managing emotions

We’ve all experienced difficult emotions, and also times when it’s not helpful to be feeling them. Emotion regulation refers to our ability to effectively manage our emotions given what’s needed in the current situation. Managing our emotions is important when wanting to focus on a task whilst going through a relationship conflict, or playing in a competition whilst experiencing anxious and unhelpful thoughts.

Whilst we all experience difficult emotions from time to time, the good news is there are a number of ways to better manage difficult emotions.

The more we practice regulating our emotions effectively, the more resilient our minds become. Some people find relief by talking to someone, journaling, exercising, cuddling their fur or feather babies, baking, reading, spending time in nature, prioritising sleep or engaging in creative pursuits.

What activities help you move through difficult emotions? The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be a good idea to prioritise these activities to help you move through overwhelming emotions.  

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