Building Confidence

Confidence is the belief that we have the abilities and resources to achieve success. It’s probably no surprise that confidence is a big predictor of success.

Research shows the best predictor of performance in a variety of settings such as sports, and in subjects at school, is confidence. This is even above intelligence and skill level.

The great news is that confidence, like any skill, can be strengthened!

We can strengthen confidence by working on our self-talk and the beliefs we have about ourselves, and also by the actions we take. The best antidote to fear is taking action!

Tips to build confidence:

  • Face your fears

Continually facing our fears allows us to build strong evidence that we’re more than capable of overcoming them.

Write down a list of activities that you’ve avoided in the past because of a lack of confidence. It may be trying a new class at the gym, speaking up in a meeting, or asking out that cute barista! Work through your list one by one. Trying new and challenging things regularly gives us strong evidence we can overcome our fears. You can add to the fun and try these challenges with a friend!

Remember that building skills takes time and repeated practice, so don’t give up! You got this.

  • Speak to yourself with kindness

How we speak to ourselves impacts how confident we feel. Practice speaking to yourself with kindness and compassion and notice how you feel when you do!

You might recall that we have a tendency to remember more negative things about ourselves, so balance it out by making an effort to say more kinder things to yourself every day. Why not start the day with some positive affirmations?

Can you be your own cheerleader when you need one?

  • Journal to process your emotions

Journaling gives us an outlet to channel unhelpful thoughts and process overwhelming thoughts and emotions.

Try these journal prompts to support confidence-building:

  • What are the thoughts, feelings, and actions that help or hurt your confidence?
  • In what situations do you feel more confident and why? In what situations do you feel less confident and why?
  • What is one thing you can do every day to feel more confident?
  • What is one thing you can do every day to feel more powerful?
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