We all experience anger from time to time. But some of us are more quick to anger than others. Anger is an emotion that can stem from feeling that someone has done us wrong. You may also find that you experience anger in certain situations, such as when you feel impatient or haven’t been sleeping well.

Like all emotions, anger has a purpose.

Anger can be productive when it motivates us to make a change and find solutions to problems. However, excessive anger can negatively impact our health and wellbeing, impacting a number of areas in our life such as our work and relationships.

Anger is also associated with physical changes such as an increased heart rate and blood pressure, which can negatively impact health in the long-term.

It’s helpful to find ways to regulate our emotions so that anger does not become destructive to us or others. Here are some activities to help you move through feelings of anger:

  • Go for a walk outside
  • Take deep slow breaths
  • Listen to music
  • Physical activity
  • Write about the experience
  • Spend time in nature
  • Channel your energy into creative pursuits
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